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With Divine Light and Love as the central focus of every moment of my day, I bring the same energy into each relationship that I make. As a Graduate of the International Metaphysical Ministry, I am honored to serve the Spiritual needs of my community. In addition to being an Ordained Minister of Metaphysics, I am also a Usui Reiki Master. I offer Reiki 1 and 2 training for anyone interested in learning how to unlock the power of Universal Energy within. Oracle Card readings are also available as part of our Mystical journey together. An apology must be made for the use of the pronoun "I", as the sense of I-ness is replaced by a sense of oneness in the Spiritual world. Conventional language makes this concept difficult to express. Oneness must be experienced to be understood. 

Metaphysical Guidance is given through:

  • Wedding Officiant - See below
  • Sound Therapy - $45 an hour
  • Inversion Therapy (Maximum 15 minutes a day) - $10 a session when combined with any other half hour or hour activity
  • Breathing Techniques - $25 (half hour)
  • Relaxation Techniques - $25 (half hour)
  • Massage - $60 an hour
  • Guided Meditation - FREE when combined with any other half hour (upon request)
  • Spiritual Mind Treatment - $60 an hour
  • Tibetan Bowl Sound Immersion - See Below
  • Reiki 1 and 2 training - the Universe will not permit a charge for the passing on of this knowledge
  • Reiki Master Treatment - $55 an hour
  • Aroma Therapy featuring DoTERRA Products


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